It is to transform the society based on Christian values and principles, as “Salt of the earth” and “Light of the world."


To strengthen the spiritual and pastoral activities of the Congregation, as a Trust was formed and registered in the year 2016, this Trust is given the name "NAVJAN" - A People Empowerment Trust

The Board of Trustees are comprised of the Major Superior of NEID Rev. Fr. Pius Thuruthiyil, as its President, and the Prefect of the Apostolate of NEID, Fr. Joseph Pulickal as the Patron. All the perpetually professed members of NEID are members.


NavJan was registered in Guwahati as the Social Development Wing of the NEID, for the empowerment of the people of the Northeast region through its socio-economic, cultural, developmental initiatives.

The office is situated in Claret Bhavan, Borjhar, Guwahati. The Registration Office is Kamrup Metro, Serial No. 16970/2016; Book & Deed No. Book-IV/4257/2016.

The authors or Trustees are Fr. (Dr.) Joseph Mappilaparambil, Fr. Sebastian Mathew (Odackal) and member Fr. Siby Kuriakose (Kadumthodu).