“NavJan” is a registered trust (on October 31, 2016) for the Social ministries and people empowerment initiatives of the Claretians of Northeast India. It is the social expression of the Claretians and reflects the compassionate face of Jesus, to work for the poor and liberate those in the margins and peripheries. To achieve this goal NavJan is formed to walk through the roads less travelled, focusing on urgent, timely and effective means. NavJan believes in the social co-responsibility that we are called to work in commuion with like minded people and ‘what we can do together, never do it separately’. In a world of increasing sectarianism, fundamentalism and separatism, the goal of NavJan is to achieve peace and prosperity, healing and reconciliation among people and communities. NavJan works as a catalyst among the people to initiate and explore, experiment and implement pro-poor programs for human development and social transformation.

As the Biblical person Moses for the people of Israel, NavJan is to fashion a “New People” liberate and empower the people of Northeast India. As Moses was a person called by God to be a sign and instrument of God’s saving plan of action for the people of Israel, NavJan also has to hear the cry of the people who are in agony and bondage. People in Northeast, today, are to be liberated from the clutches of many social evils, illiteracy and superstitions, and empower them by standing close to them, to achieve their rights and transform their socio-economic condition. Moses was a person who belonged to them and stood close to the people. God understood that only Moses could do it and was confident that he would liberate His people. Only when one belongs and stand close to the people, can hear the groaning, cry and suffering of the people and take it as a challenge, as it is one’s own pain, and fight for the people and for the values one cherish. Thus NavJan can give an identity and dignity to the people as the children of God. It works for all, as children of One Universal Father, no matter, which creed or caste, or religion one belongs. NavJan upholds pro-life values and works for poor, to restore the dignity of humans through socio-economic development and integral care of the environment through its different projects and programs

Through this first issue of “NavJan” Bulletin, I would like to expose our activities, Vision and Mission, Goals and Objectives to our esteemed patrons, collaborators, friends, benefactors and well wishers, so that we can network and collaborate each other in many future activities. Let us work together for a New World Order Peace and Integrity, where people are stewards of Creation and not Masters; and people live in harmony as brothers and sisters of the One Heavenly Father.


Based on the decisions of the meeting of the NavJan members and to know the actual situation and needs of the people NavJan is engaged with, a socio economic survey of the 12 Claretian Parishes of Northeast in the states of Assam, Arunachal and Meghalaya was conducted. The data collection was gathered by Navjan Voluntary team of Teachers, Youth and head catechist who went around the villages and collected information based on the survey papers distributed. A sample survey of 30% of households was fixed. Though 3 months time was envisaged (i.e. from March 15 to July 15, 2017), it took six months to get back the filled up forms from the parishes.

Visually challenged Person led by his wife to the Camp rides Bicycle Now: Their Testimonies

1.Mr. Habiram Kachari, 80 years from Andherjuli village, who came to Carmel School, Rani Eye Camp organized by NavJan on November 20, 2016 was interviewed after a year on February 22, 2018, in the same venue where the Camp was organized. During Eye Camp he was identified with Cataract problem and was taken to Lions Eye Hospital, Guwahati where he had undergone an eye surgery on November 22, 2016. He expressed his happiness of regaining his sight and the care given by others who were instrumental to regain his sight. We could read from his face the joy and satisfaction he experience in the life today. He told: “earlier I could not see anything; I was led to the camp by others. Now I can see everything, do all the works by myself; I can ride cycle, today I came here by cycle. There is little difficulty in seeing the things of far. The doctors took care of me well, particularly that lady doctor who treated me in the hospital; thank you so much.”

2. Mr. Biren Ayengin, 70 years could not see the things of far. After the operation he can see clearly. Now he drives autorikshaw to earn his livelihood, which he had given up to his son. He has not yet bought the spectacles.

3. Mr. Jamuna Boro, 59 years says: one eye which is operated is good now. Left eye is giving some trouble; need to be operated this year. He can see but the spectacles are not of proper power. Spectacles are bought, but not able to see the things from close.

4. Mrs. Kumibala Boro (60 yrs) –F

5. Mrs. Niti Kachari (60 yrs) -F


1. The Mission In North East India Is Divided Among 4 Zones:

  • Arunachal Pradesh: Boasimla, Nyokum Lapang, Ziro and Chimpu
  • Assam & Garo Hills: Kachugaon, Borjhar, Ampati
  • Shillong Region: Mooksiang, Mawpat, Umsning and Mawsynram
  • West Khasi Hills: Danger-Balat, Munai and Nonghyllam

    NavJan will not be an implementing agency, but a Resource Support Organization